Santa Magdallener Huck am Bach 2009 Return to Cantina Bolzano Santa Magdalena

This wine is very much a wine of the locals. Years ago its gentile, easy to drink character made it a wine for retired villagers to sip throughout the day. Today, its joyful character, its ability to pair with a wide variety of foods, be chilled for consumption in the warm summer months have made this wine popular amongst the entire population and has a tremendous following outside of Italy. Made from the grapes Schiava and Lagrein, while aromatics are stunningly obvious, acidity is actually relatively low. In addition to the floral aromas notice the trademark almond quality on the nose followed by flavors of rhubarb and strawberry on the palate. The vineyard name means "by the riverside." The Lagrein and Schiava are co-fermented from 50 year old vines.

Vineyard Huck am Bach
90% Schiava (vernatsch) 10% Lagrein
25 year old vines
Elevation: 200 meters
Soils : Stony, alluvial and glacial sediment.
Acidity 4.5 g/l
Aging: 2-3 months in used 7hl barrels