• Austrians Score Big in Wine & Spirits

    Hannes Reeh, Proidl and Strehn are all featured in this month’s Wine & Spirits

    American Gothic

    .. Acid Edition!

    AI Welcomes Lime Rock Wines

    We are very excited to announce that our first producer from New Zealand, Lime Rock Wines, are now available! Learn more here..

    Institut Agricole Régional (IAR)

    After six years we are very pleased to announce we have finally found a Valle d’Aosta producer!

    Learn More About Cascina Luisin

    “The wine shows so much definition, all its aromas come into focus with startling detail.” -Wine Advocate June 2013 ...

    Opera 02 in Wine Spectator

    Our Lambrusco producer, Opera 02, was recently recommended in the Wine Spectator article “Enticing Emilia-Romagna” featuring MC Kitchen in Miami.

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Acid Inc. (a.k.a. A.I. Selections) wines represent more than just product, we represent a philosophy, a history and the lives of families tied to a specific place.

Over the years I was frequently asked "why does this wine go so well with my food?", "why did this wine age so well?", "why is it so easy to drink this bottle of wine?" The answer always came back to acidity.

The Acid Inc. wines are connected by a common thread: above all they seek balance - an equilibrium between bright acidity, fruit, tannin... all driving the senses toward a singular expression of place and time.